The Department of Environmental Ethics "Foundation Tatiana Perez de Guzman el Bueno" comes as part of the mutual interest of both institutions in environmental research and conservation. TPGB Foundation has among its main objectives the study and promotion of environmental values, while the Alcalá University has an extensive background in environmental studies in Spain (it was the second to implement these studies, even before the adoption as formal qualifications for the entire country.). After several months of mutual contacts, it was decided in April 2013 that the collaboration between TPGB Foundation and the University of Alcalá would materialize in the creation of this research chair. Few days later, marks the official act presentation of the Chair, with the assistance of the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor for Research by the UAH, and the Chairperson and other members of the Foundation TPGB.

Since then, we have begun to organize the activities of the chair, launched this web page, opened a YouTube channel, a blog and a few profiles in the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Linked In).

As for the activities, during the 2014-2015 course we will start several lines of work: teaching (Environmental Ethics as a transversal course), workshops, publications and research projects.