The Seminars on Environmental Ethics include a series of lectures by invited experts, in which issues related to the ethical dilemmas of our relationship with the environment are addressed from a multidisciplinary perspective. The conferences usually take place in the first semester of the year. ​

SCHOOL YEAR 2018/2019:

"Sustainability as a cross-cutting subject in university teaching: possible approaches"
On Tuesday, November 27, Professor Gala Arias participated in the Seminars on Environmental Ethics, with the conference "Sustainability as a cross-cutting subject in university teaching: possible approaches" [Leer más]
"Ethics and integrity in water management"
On Thursday, February 7, the consultant Dr. Francesc Bellaubi participated in the Seminars on Environmental Ethics with the conference "Ethics and integrity in water management", in which he presented studies in Africa and South America. [Leer más]
"Ecofeminism and Social Ecology: the mutual aid pacts"
On March 12th we had Dina Garzón Pacheco at the Seminars on Environmental Ethics, with her conference "Ecofeminism and Social Ecology: mutual aid pacts". [Leer más]
"Ethics of conservation in IUCN and UNESCO"
On April 11th we attended the conference "Recent contributions to environmental ethics from the main international conservation organizations", given by Dr. Josep Maria Mallarach, member of the Commissions of Protected Areas and Environmental Policies of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and also of the Ethics Commission of the Xarxa de Conservació de la Natura de Cataluña. [Leer más]

SCHOOL YEAR 2017/2018:

Sustainability, happiness and environmental ethics
Professor Alfredo Marcos (University of Valladolid) participated on April 19th in the Cycle of Seminars on Environmental Ethics with the conference “Sustainability, Happiness and Environmental Ethics”. The Professor of Philosophy began his intervention by launching the question “is sustainability possible without happiness?”, as a prelude to what would be the subsequent dissertation whose synthesis he also advanced: in the current context, we can hardly address environmental problems without understanding what is the human being and what is a happy life. [Leer más]
Factors that determine sustainable consumption
Professor Carmen Valor (U.P. Comillas) conducted on February 8th the seminar "Consumers and sustainability: factors of adoption of sustainable lifestyles". The lecturer began by asking the public open-ended questions about the concepts of sustainability, sustainable consumption, green consumption... to then proceed to analyze the main factors that condition this type of consumption one by one. [Leer más]
Seminar "Community tourism and local development"
On November 30th, 2017, we counted on the Cycle of Seminars on Environmental Ethics with the participation of Professor Edson Vicente Da Silva (Department of Geography, Federal University of Ceará, Brazil). In his lecture, entitled "Community tourism and local development", the speaker analyzed the peculiarities of tourism developments that occur in isolated areas with indigenous communities. [Leer más]
Colloquies on Human Ecology
On May 17th, 2018, Professor Emilio Chuvieco participated in the cycle of Colloquies of Human Ecology of the Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno Foundation, with the conference “Science and Religion for the Care of the Common Home”. [Leer más]

SCHOOL YEAR 2016/2017:

"Towards a positive management of socio-environmental conflicts"
In April 2017, we had Antonio Ruiz Salgado in the Seminars on Environmental Ethics. The lecturer is Doctor of Law, specialized in Environmental Administrative Law and analysis of environmental public policies, with extensive experience in mediation processes in socio-environmental conflicts. [Leer más]
"Environment and sustainable development"
María Teresa Martín-Crespo, Head of the Environment and Climate Change Area of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation), participated in the Cycle of Seminars on Environmental Ethics with the conference "Environment and sustainable development". [Leer más]
"Ethics is not just a set of convictions, it has to do directly with management"
This was stated by Eduardo De Miguel, Director of the Global Nature Foundation, at the conference "Ethical aspects and social responsibility in environmental groups: Global Nature Foundation", within the Cycle of Seminars on Environmental Ethics. [Leer más]
Sustainability of Infrastructures: key to our future
On December 20th, 2016, we had the opportunity to listen to Cristina Contreras, of the Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructures (Harvard University), whose mission is to develop and promote methods, processes and tools that quantify the sustainability of construction projects of any type of infrastructures. Its objective is to facilitate sustainable solutions for projects and expand knowledge about what sustainable infrastructures should be. [Leer más]

SCHOOL YEAR 2015/2016:

"The 'forest schools’ have been successfully implemented in northern Europe for more than 20 years"
Odile Rodríguez De la Fuente explained the principles on which this innovative model of outdoor education for the children's stage (3-6 years) is based. [Leer más]
"Business sustainability requires a profound change in people"
"We cannot achieve sustainable companies without deep changes in the people who run them." This was expressed by Cristina García-Orcoyen, expert in Ontological Coaching, in the Cycle of Seminars on Environmental Ethics. [Leer más]
The moral consideration of animals. Foundations and conflicts with Environmental Ethics.
“Non-human animals are used daily, systematically and institutionally, as resources at our disposal for multiple purposes. These range from entertainment and laboratory use to the production of clothing and, especially, culinary-food products. This is something in which most human beings participate and which is rarely questioned” (Óscar Horta, 03/10/2016). [Leer más]
Sustainability of tourism. The Cuban case
On this occasion we had as a guest at the Seminars on Environmental Ethics Dr. José Manuel Mateo, Professor of Geography at the University of Havana, member of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba and president of the Cuban Geography Society, who told us about the sustainability of tourism activity in Cuba. [Leer más]

SCHOOL YEAR 2014/2015:

"Ethics in agricultural and rural development policies"
On November 18th took place the conference "Some ethical foundations of the agricultural and rural development policies of the European Union: from the Treaty of Rome to the Horizon 2020", conducted by Professor Dr. José Sancho Comíns. [Leer más]
"Our society lives outside the biophysical limits of the planet"
On January 29th, Professor Jorge Riechmann conducted the lecture “Is it still possible to do what we should have done? Transition or collapse?”, in which he emphasized various pathologies of our society that he believes is necessary to face. [Leer más]
The credibility of EU Climate Change Policies
On February 17th, the Cycle of Seminars on Environmental Ethics included the conference "The political and legal framework on climate change in the EU: some reflections on its credibility with a view to COP-21 in Paris", by Prof. Dr. Javier de Cendra, Dean of the IE Law School. [Leer más]
"We are progressing towards unsustainability"
On March 12th, Dr. Josep María Mallarach, member of the Commissions for Protected Areas and Environmental Policies of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), participated in the cycle of Seminars on Environmental Ethics with the conference "Why are cultural and spiritual values relevant to environmental protection?" [Leer más]
"Ethics, Economics and Environmental Economics"
On April 21th, we attended the conference "Ethics, Economics and Environmental Economics", conducted by Professor Diego Azqueta, Professor of Fundamentals of Economic Analysis at the University of Alcalá. [Leer más]
"The number of diseases related to environmental pollution is growing"
The Cycle of Seminars of Environmental Ethics ended in the 2014/15 academic year with the conference "Environmental Medicine: the tenth paradigm", which was conducted by Dr. Pilar Muñoz-Calero. [Leer más]
"We nedd to reappropriate of our time"
It is one of the statements of Professor María Novo, in her conference "Time and sustainability: live slowly to live better". Dr. Novo commented that we are immersed in a system in which when we are not producing, we are consuming; leaving aside the important things in life. [Leer más]