Inventario ambiental de parroquias en la diócesis de Madrid

In 2017, the Cardinal of Madrid created in the diocese the Commission of Integral Ecology (CDEI), now framed in the Vicaría of Integral Human Development.

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Carbon Footprint Observatory "CO2 Web"

The Chair of Environmental Ethics is developing the online observatory 'CO2 Web' on the Carbon Footprint.

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Promotion of good practice guidelines and sustainability plans

Promotion of activities in relation to good practices and sustainability. [Leer más]
IDEAS Teaching Innovation Group

The Chair of Environmental Ethics has promoted the creation of the teaching innovation group IDEAS (Teaching Innovation for Environmental Education and Sustainability) at the University of Alcalá. [Leer más]

Impact of religious beliefs on responsible consumption

Academics and religious leaders of different faiths study the impact that religious beliefs have on responsible consumption. [Leer más]
C02LABEL Operating Group

The Chair of Environmental Ethics "Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno Foundation - Universidad de Alcalá" is part of the CO2LABEL Operating Group. [Leer más]
Sustainability habits of university students

The Chair has carried out a study on the consumption habits of university students based on the analysis of questionnaires applied to students from Spain, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates.

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Yellow shopping carts on concrete ground
Carbon Footprint Labeling in food products

The Chair of Environmental Ethics "Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno Foundation - University of Alcalá" promoted a pilot project on the carbon footprint of widely consumed foods in Spain, such as olive oil or bread.

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Sustainable Consumption Network in University Education

The main objective of the network is to evaluate the Ecological Footprint of university students in two moments, before and after carrying out a series of activities related to the acquisition of competencies in sustainability. [Leer más]